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Revision History

Version Date Contact Remarks
R1 2012-Feb-08 Dexter B. Tad-y – Initial draft
R2 2012-Jul-25 Dexter B. Tad-y – Added Introduction, Overview and DeliveryReceipt-v1 sections
R3 2012-Oct-16 Dexter B. Tad-y – Added Message.usagetype description relating to MT-billing
– Updated description of Message.from and Message.to fields
– Updated definition of DeliveryReceipt.delivered field
– Updated Connection Handling policies
R4 2012-Nov-7 Dexter B. Tad-y – Renaming of “Message” resource to “Document” resource; for
consistency across internal systems;
– Deprecated “Message-v1” resource; “Document” resource is set
to version v3; for consistency across internal systems;
– Rewrite of Assumptions and Connection Handling text for clarity
– Updated HTTP Signed Request Appendix text for clarity
R5 2013-Mar-19 Jacyn C. Campasa – Added MGW Reason Code and Reason Description for MT
Delivery Receipt (v2 – backwards compatible to v1)
R6 2014-Dec-10 Dexter B. Tad-y – Added from_alias field
R7 2016-Oct-20 Jacyn C. Campasa – Added Basic Access Authentication (RFC 2617)
– Deprecated MCWS Authentication
R7.1 2017-Dec-8 Wilson Santos – Clarify Message.id usage
– Clarify MSISDN formatting rules
R8 2018-Feb-9 Jacyn C. Campasa – Renaming of Message.message_id to Message.id on Resource
– Added additional MGW Reason Code & Reason Description for
MT Delivery Receipt
R8.1 2018-Oct-4 Dexter B. Tad-y – Clarify HTTP Redirection semantics
– Clarity Rate Limit Policy


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