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Concentrated MT SMS

SMPP clients may send long messages by segmenting messages (at the ESME level) and sending each and every segment to the Gateway; every segment should have the correct User Data Header (UDH) value.

The Gateway expects every segment to have the paremeter esm_class (5.2.12) bit field 6 to be set; indicating that the short_message (5.2.22) value contains a UDH.

Please consult the 3GPP TS 23.040 standard for details of the User Data Header structure and concatenated SMS messages.

TLVs related to concatenation / UDH such as source_port (, destination_port (, more_messages_to_send (, sar_msg_ref_num (, sar_total_segments (, sar_segment_seqnum ( are not processed and are not supported.

The parameter TLV message_payload ( is also not processed.




Important Note:

The Gateway will automatically send failed delivery receipts if not all message parts are received within 30 minutes.

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