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Mobile Terminating (MT) SMS

Test vs. Production Mode

Each account can be assigned to be either in Test Mode or in Production Mode. Test Mode accounts will have a limit in the total number of MT PDUs allowed (default: 100 SMS). Non-Test Mode accounts (Production Mode) will not be limited / capped.

Source Address (Sender IDs)

The SUBMIT_SM source_addr (5.2.8) parameter can be dynamically set per message PDU. Alphanumeric values (valid up to 11 characters) are allowed, subject to business rules.

Please consult the business rules and sender ID policy given by your account managers (see sender ID whitelisting form).

The source_addr_ton (5.2.5) and source_addr_npi (5.2.6) are not processed and both are reserved for future use.

Destination Address

Values for the destination_addr (5.2.9) parameter should include MSISDNs formatted using the pattern “639xxyyyzzzz” (country code + mobile number).

The destination_addr_ton (5.2.5) and destination_addr_npi (5.2.6) are not processed and both are reserved for future use.

By default, only Philippine mobile numbers are accepted. If there’s a need to send to other country, the client should consult the account manager on its availability.

Message IDs

Successfully accepted messages will have a response SUBMIT_SM_RESP (4.4.2) containing a message_id (5.2.23) value.

This message ID is unique per MT PDU; a160-bit number represented as a 40-character hexadecimal string.

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