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Delivery Receipts


Clients may use Delivery Receipts (DR) to get additional information on the delivery status of messages submitted.

Currently, DRs indicate success or failure of message delivery to the SMSC only.

Handset delivery status is not available.

Important Note:

  • The Gateway will return 3 types of error codes. Please see details below:
    • Error 0 – denotes delivery success to SMSC
    • Error 408 – denotes expiry of incomplete message parts or unacknowledged Delivery Receipt
    • Error 503 – denotes failed delivery to SMSC
  • The Delivery Receipts will expire within 24 hours if not acknowledged.
  • If pending delivery receipts are still more than 50,000 after 24 hours, the system will automatically purge all the pending DR. The account manager or technical support will advise the client . If the client still reach 50,000 pending delivery receipts on the 3rd time, the technical team will disable permanently the DR without prior notice.

DR Format

DRs are delivered via DELIVER_SM operation. The esm_class (5.2.12) parameter bit 3 will be set to indicate that the message type is a Delivery Receipt.

DELIVER_SM parameters related to Delivery Receipts include the following:

Parameter Notes
source_addr The destination_addr value in the original SUBMIT_SM operation
source_addr_ton The destination_addr_ton value in the original SUBMIT_SM operation
source_addr_npi The destination_addr_npi value in the original SUBMIT_SM operation
destination_addr The source_addr value in the original SUBMIT_SM operation
destination_addr_ton The source_addr_ton value in the original SUBMIT_SM operation
destination_addr_npi The source_addr_npi value in the original SUBMIT_SM operation
receipted_message_id The message_id returned by the Gateway via the SUBMIT_SM_RESP in response to the original SUBMIT_SM.
message_state See and 5.2.28 for more information
2 = Delivered (to the SMSC)
5 = Undeliverable
network_error_code Network specific error code.
user_message_reference The user_message_reference value in the original SUBMIT_SM operation.
short_message Format:
id:<origmsgid> sub:<submittedcount>
dlvrd:<deliveredcount> submit date:<yyyymmddhhmmss> done
date:<yyyymmddhhmmss> stat:<DELIVRD|UNDELIV>
id:40bd001563085fc35165329ea1ff5c5ecbdbbeef sub:001
dlvrd:001 submit date:20140926172555 done
date:20140926172736 stat:DELIVRD err:000
id:40bd001563085fc35165329ea1ff5c5ecbdbbeef sub:001
dlvrd:000 submit date:20140926172555 done
date:20140926172736 stat:UNDELIV err:321
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